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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Naples

Wine tasting is a fun activity and a great way to explore the marvels of Vesuvius. 

Wine tasting on the slopes of the volcano offers you the chance to taste the world-famous wines which are generally dry and also fruity. 

The speciality is Lacryma Christi, which is a unique varietal produced on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius since Roman times.  The name Lacryma Christi can be traced to a number of legends, which we will explain on the tour. Lacryma Christi was awarded D.O.C. recognition in 1983.

We offer a delightful lunch with fresh salame and cheese coupled with a view featuring specialties from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius paired with organic Classic Vesuvio Lacryma Christi DOC wines, as well as a guided walk through the vineyards and the cella.

Exploring Vino is a great way to spend the day, support local winemakers and gives you the chance to mix culture with red and white new friends.